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SCA Extension - Question Posed at ETS meeting on 17th of January 2023

Written by Adrian Hill

On this latest ETS meeting I asked again about an extended Smoke Control Area. A Labour Group amendment, backed by the Conservative party, voted to delay (or possibly prevent) an extended SCA. What is the impact of this?

14% of the city suffer asthma.

Between 1/3 and half of all childhood asthma is caused by poor air quality (Bradford & Barcelona studies). Air pollution also causes heart disease, COPD, lung cancer, low birth weight, premature birth, dementia, organ damage and developmental problems.

38% of particulate emissions (UK) are from solid fuel burning (DEFRA)

Particulate pollution increased in Preston Park the last three years (AQASR).

A Labour Group amendment was submitted to the recent AQAP delaying a SCA extension and denying residents protection against the worst solid fuel pollution offences; will research into SCA extension be made a priority?