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Email Your Councillor

Our councillors make decisions that either help or hinder our efforts to improve air quality.

Why not write to your councillors and ask them to support clean air initiatives?

Labour and Conservative councillors have both recently been the most opposed to the most effective clean air measures such as a Clean Air Zone and a Smoke Control Area expansion. Why not tell them to take our air quality seriously and implement these measures.

Use this dropdown to find out who your councillors are and to email them.

  1. Select your ward
  1. Press the Compose Email button and write to your councillor

If you are unsure of your ward, you can find out here

We have found the Labour councillors from the previous administration the least willing to engage with us on air quality issues so if you do have a Labour councillor please do write to them and tell them how important it is for our health to have clean air in our city. We need to make sure that the new Labour administration takes air quality seriously.